Nba players and College

                              As a diehard NBA fan and basketball lover in general it saddens me to see some players who only stayed in college for the one mandatory year. Sure some guys do not need college since their game is NBA ready but those players are few and far between, So many players tho come out of school early so they can get paid,some come from poor families and really need the money. Nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your family thats for sure. But in the long run the player is hurting his development and therefore hurting his earning potential in the long run.                            Take the Bulls Marques Teague for example. He is a second year player who due to injuries has been playing more minutes. He shows some skills and potential but his mistakes are hurting the team. The Bulls will say well he is only 20 years old and needs experience which ,of course,is true but where could he have gotten said experience COLLEGE and maybe he would have learned something in the classroom as a bonus.                         Until the NBA stops drafting theses inexperienced players  or the NBA changes the rules these kids are going to come out too early and in 3 or 4 years have no place in the NBA and no education.


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