Do you believe in luck ? Do you believe that some people just are luckier than others? Do you feel that luck plays a part in your life? Or do you believe that you create your own luck? Or maybe you believe there is no such think as luck whatsoever?!

I was always taught that you make your own luck. What i mean is by doing the right thing,studying hard,working hard etc… that you make your own breaks and opportunities or luck if you will.

But it sure seems that some individuals are luckier than others doesnt it? Everyone knows someone who always seems to land the best job or who always meets the prettiest woman or always lucks into getting something for nothing.


About Renegade528

I love to read and cook. Huge baseball and basketball fan. Easy going and down to earth. Take the time to get to know me and you will be glad you did. Renegade528 on Twitter
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