Quicker MLB Replay

  • Major league baseball always takes criticism  for the length of their games.Personally i don”t have a problem with it,it ‘s a part of the beauty of the game. It is what sets it apart from the other sports. Real baseball fans love the game and the uniqueness of it.

  • However,one way to speed it up would be to fix the replay delays. The answer is quite simple,hire a fifth umpire whose sole purpose is to sit in the booth and watch the game like us who do at home.When a call is challenged they just ask the fifth umpire what he saw and bam the call is made. No need to check with New York,hence speeding up the process.There are 30 teams so if all are playing on a particular day you would just have to hire 15 new umpires. Its seems so simple but Mlb has not figured it out as of yet.

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