October….rough month

October is a very rough month for me. Both my Mother and Father passed away in October. Also lost my first dog  that i ever had Lady in this Month. My Mother passed away on October 15 of 2012 and my Dad passed away October 22 of 1999. I remember both days like it was just yesterday tho.

October 22,1999 was a chilly damp rainy morning. My Dad was in the bed and Mom was on the couch. My Dad was moaning calling my Mom”s name. it turned out the were his last breaths. When my Mother finally woke up to hear him she went to see what was wrong. He told her he loved her and then passed away in her arms.Mother called the paramedics but he was gone. They tried to revive him but he had moved on to heaven.

October 15,2012 my Mother who was in a nursing home,thats a story for another day, but anyway i was there visiting her. I stayed with here there for 10-12 hours every day. I called the nurse when i got there and told her i didnt think she was well. After awhile  she called the paramedics and my Mom was sent to the hospital. Once there she was hooked up to a bunch of machines. I had called my Sister who had. I remamber my sister acted like she didnt care. Im sure she did but she didnt act like it. She just sat in the corner. I hels my Mother’s hand and prayed and tried to fight back tears. I knew it wasnt good as i watched the readings on the machine slowly go down until she left me and went on to heaven.

I always say my Mother died one day before her husbands birthday so she could go be with him. I am sure she missed him since he had been gone 1 week shy of 3 years.  My Parents were the nicest sweetest i have ever known. I feel so lucky. They are treated me well and gave me so much.


About Renegade528

I love to read and cook. Huge baseball and basketball fan. Easy going and down to earth. Take the time to get to know me and you will be glad you did. Renegade528 on Twitter
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