Saint Matthews Church

Saint Matthew’s Churches uses Christian symbols of faith, such as the Holy Communion wafer, representing the body of Christ (St. Matthew 26:26), and the wine received during Holy Communion, representing Christ’s blood (St. Matthew 26:27, 28) which He shed on Calvary for our sins (St. Mark 23:33). These symbols of faith are used by close to two billion Christians each Sunday as they celebrate Holy Communion.

The holy water with which we anoint ourselves and make the sign of the cross reminds us of our baptism in water, just as our Lord Himself was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan (St. Matthew 3:13-17). Jesus set the example of water baptism, and we follow His example as a symbol of our dedication to God.

Holy anointing oil is used by millions, as a symbol of faith, representing God’s Holy Spirit (St. Mark 6:13, Hebrews 1:9, James 5:14)

The crosses that Saint Matthew’s Churches gives away to its members are symbols of Christ’s death on Calvary (St. Mark 23:33), when He gave his life for our sins.


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