Chicago Bulls

                                             So the Chicago Bulls have fired another coach. This time they fired a top  tier coach. Tom Thibodeau took a team with average talent,players who were injured and led them to winning season after winning season. Ok so they failed to win a championship and only made it to the Eastern Conference Finals one time I understand that. He did a fantastic job with what he had to work with.He couldnt help it D. Rose is injury prone and upper management ,except for the “Bench Mob’ time,could not figure out a way to provide him with an adequate   bench.

                                          Its obvious that John Paxson is a control freak and instead of doing his job he wants to tell the coach how to coach and how to play his players.So if he knows so much why isnt he the coach ? Why,because he wouldnt be able to do it and would be out of a job. The owner,Jerry Reinsdorf should realize that Paxson is the one constant that has been there for all the Bulls so called failures. Paxson puts the blame on coach after coach therefore keeping his job and his paycheck.

                                         John Paxson  and General Manager Gar Forman always use the salary cap and their poor draft position as an excuse as how its hard to improve the team from year to year. Other teams are able to do it so why not the Chicago Bulls ?

                                     Nba players are paid to play. Griping about how hard practice may be or how many minutes is just an excuse. Past players didnt complain. You dont cmplain when you get you paycheck! Its a shame a great coach and a hard,dedicated worker like Tom Thibodeau has to take the fall for others not doing their jobs!


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