The Library…..and the people who frequent them.

When you think about the library you think books,brains and intelligent people trying to expand their minds. Maybe you think about kids getting books or going on the internet to do research for school assignments.Maybe you remember going as a child for story time or getting your first books to read.But….

These days your local library is a collection of people that no one strives to be. You have the people who are adults,live at home, and are hiding from reality,passing the time doing nothing instead of looking for work. You have,what i call “The endless student” the people who are forever taking college courses to avoid the real world….you know working,a career. Then you have the homeless people who use the library as a place to clean up,stay dry when it rains,keep cool,or warm depending on the season or just as a place to sit down where it is safe.

Next are the retired people who are either widows,or just do not have any friends. The come to the library every day just to talk to the employees because they do not have anyone else or just do not know what to do with all their free time. They usually are waiting for the library to open and some make numerous appearances per day.

Most of the people who you see using the libraries public computers are watching youtube or playing games and most look like they should be on a job site or trying to learn something. Then there are the people who,while they own their own laptop have to use the libraries wi-fi. Always amazes me the people who have a computer but no internet service.

The Library which is funded by us taxpayers also knows how to waste money. Most are over staffed thus the employees have nothing to to except talk to each other or surf the web. For example one particular library has a kids floor. It has about 15-20 computers but only for the under 18 crowd. Yet during the school year when kids are in school they go unused from 9 am til 2:30 or  pm yet they wont allow adults to use them,not to mention the 3 employees who have nothing to do since there are not many kids there during the day.


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