Two weeks too long to wait for the Super Bowl

  1.                       Its Sunday. Last Sunday the AFC and NFC championship games were played in the National Football League. But everyone has to wait two weeks until the Super Bowl.  I know it has been years since they have done it this way but i still do not like it. You have all the momentum from championship weekend then they long two week wait.                                                                                           The NFl will say its all about the the quality of the game,making sure the players are rested and healed so the fans will get a good game but we all know that is a bunch of crap.   The Nfl does not care when players play on Thursday night following a Sunday game. The Nfl just cares about the almighty dollar.                                                                                                                                                This whole week most of the Nfl news was about teams moving or not moving. There was barely much news about Super Bowl 50. By the time they Super Bowl starts around 5:30-:545 pm. central time my interest in the game will be almost nil.                                                                                                                              The Super Bowl is nothing more than an excuse for Nfl executives and their business partners to get together and party and count their money. The Super Bowl is just a way for the Nfl to make more $ by charging otrageous amounts for commercials. And do not forget the long drawn out halftime which is twice as long  as normal so the players have to warm up all over again like they are playing a whole new game.

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