The Wind

I like the wind. There is nothing better than a cooling breeze when I mow the yard on a hot,muggy,Summer”s day. I mow faster when the breeze blows. It is beautiful to watch sailboats move smoothly across the water,their sails full of wind.Watching parents and children catching the breeze,their kites rising in the air and dancing across the sky.

I have never seen the wind. I know it is there. I have felt it on my heat-flushed face. I see its power in sails as it pushes crafts across the water. I listen to the laughter of a child as the wind lifts a kite into the heavens. Wins is known by what it does. I don”t need proof to know that the wind exists. I have experienced the wind. God created the wind, and the wind is like God in this way: We have never seen God but we know he is there.


About Renegade528

I love to read and cook. Huge baseball and basketball fan. Easy going and down to earth. Take the time to get to know me and you will be glad you did. Renegade528 on Twitter
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