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<p>You know married people can be online ! A person can be online and not looking for anything ! Get so tired of these stupid add males who think every woman is sleazy or that every woman is here looking for strange dick! Also get tired of these sorry ass males who think i am looking for someone because i am showing myself.What am i showing ? I have no bikini pictures, no ass pictures etc…so wtf ? If you worried about yourself you would not be online trolling for women! You also need to learn how to treat women with respect and learn some manners ! Hey beautiful,hey sexy etc to a person you do not know is disrespectful and just shows the type of person you are. Just by viewing a persons profile or sending a message a person knows are attracted to them !!!</p>


About Renegade528

I love to read and cook. Huge baseball and basketball fan. Easy going and down to earth. Take the time to get to know me and you will be glad you did. Renegade528 on Twitter
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